Newsletter April 2019

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June 19, 2019
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Newsletter April 2019

Greetings friends,

Welcome to what we hope is another great year of flying and driving at our local AMA field! We’re off to a great start of the flying season and will be scheduling open house of the season soon! We would like to talk about a couple of things we learned in the past year and our plans for this year!

Last year was an eye opening experience for all! We learned pretty quickly the road ahead of us needed some pot holes filled, figuratively and literally! We’ve started off the year with a bang when Jeremiah and Scott made it their personal mission to expand the RC track. So far we’re about 90% complete with the upgrade and will soon invite everyone out to come try the new experience. Thanks to Robert and Benjamin for giving the pavilion roof a much needed paint job!

Our plans for the future include finish the runway and preparing our crawler track. We have decided that since we have taken up the runway, we will be expanding it’s size to accommodate larger aircraft or inexperienced pilots! This has been a major undertaking and we are continue to ask for assistance whether be through donations of money and/or time. We’ve had many members and non-members off up equipment and material which has not gone unnoticed! This being the first official year of Lynchburg RC & FPV running the Truck Body, we hope to be super productive so that we can all get back to doing what we love most, flying and driving! We appreciate your ongoing patience and support!

This is an update from our last newsletter!

  1. Runway needs to be completely re-done. This work includes pulling up the old runway, laying down gravel and crushing it with a roller, then relaying down the runway. Here’s what we need material wise:
    1. Gravel
    2. A steam roller or something that can pack down the gravel and make it level
  2. RC Track needs to be built. Several of our members have come up with a design that we believe will make everyone happy. It will start with a large oval and inside that oval will be another track with various turns and jumps. A crawler track is in the works right beside the RC track. Here’s what we need:
    1. Fill dirt – This is on its way and shouldn’t be an issue
    2. Corrugated Pipe
    3. Pipes and netting around the track for run-away cars.
  3. Parking lot needs to be worked on. This will include adding more gravel and smoothing it out
    1. Gravel and lots of it. Crush and run might be nice
  4. Other work including replacing the walls of the shed and repainting the roof and pavilion
    1. We are working on getting paint and walls
  5. Signage for the track so that people know how to get to us. Since the road work, it is a little confusing on how to get to us. We need to work on some signage with our logo and website.
  6. Commitment from members on a rotation basis for lawn care. Because the club is so new, and funds are limited, it doesn’t make sense to pay someone to cut the grass. We have a working riding mower and the club will provide fuel. The job takes about, an hour and a half to complete. Please contact Chad Smith to volunteer.

As you can see, we’ve been busy little beavers! We still have additional things to be done, but we’re making great progress with the help of some pretty awesome members!
Member News

We currently have around 40 official members that have signed up through the website. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so! There is a selection for guest if you’re just looking around, but we would love to have you as a full member. We have several programs if you can’t afford the membership. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Lynchburg RC & FPV never wants to stop you from flying just because times are tough.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page and our event calendar! We will always do our best to let you guys know of events we’re doing or places you can help! Let’s make this an amazing summer!

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