Lynchburg AMA Field

Behind Truck Body on 460

Established some time in the 1970’s by Central Virginia RC Club, Lynchburg RC & FPV have been honored to take over this field.  While an AMA membership is required to fly here, we do not require that to drive your RC cars on our newly renovated track.  We have been blessed to have a huge area to fly just right outside of the 5 mile flight restriction recently imposed by the FAA.  Our field is one of the few that have been approved for model aircraft flight.  With a membership, you are welcome to visit this field as often as you’d like.  We have a huge spectator area that is great for cook outs or family events (with approval from the board).  We have held several events at the field including birthday parties and good old fashioned cook-outs.


  • Runway to take off RC planes
  • A large RC car track with driver stand
  • Crawler track in shaded area
  • Porta-potty
  • Picnic tables
  • Large spectator area