Several years ago the FAA required registration for any sUAS (aka drones) both for personal and commercial use.  Several individuals did not approve of having to register with the government to fly and a court case was made to fight the FAA registration requirements.  This court case was passed and the FAA started issuing refunds to those who requested it.

Several months ago, the president signed a bill into law that had the FAA registration requirement in it.  It passed and long story short, you do have to register your drone with the FAA before you fly.  While the chances of the FAA will visit our field and start inspecting planes are slim, they are still there.

Keep in mind that you only have to register one of your aircraft if it’s for personal use.  You will use that number on all your drones and/or planes.  Below is the link to the FAA site that will help you register your aircraft.

An update to this law requires your drone registration number to be visible from the outside of your plane.  Click any of the links or the FAA icon on the left to be taken to their website.