Accidents happen.. but we want to all work together so we all can enjoy this hobby and cause less issues as we ok grow and learn. Yes fixing your stuff is half the fun, however please fly and drive safely.  Let’s all have fun & grow and learn from each other.   Share what you know and encourage others to do the same.

General Rules

  1. This is a family environment, so please try to watch the language
  2. Be friendly to guests and fellow pilots
  3. Please refrain from any drama, gossip or bad attitudes
  4. Being a member or joining an event means you consent to your photo possibly being taken and posted online

FPV Rules

  1.  Before powering up please notifying everyone on site what channel you would like to fly on.
  2.  If you have a questions as to what frequency you can use, please ask.
  3.  Even if your on your designated frequency call out “Powering up on RaceBand 6 “ power up listen, if no issues get ready to fly.
  4.  During power up don’t stand right next to other pilots due to video signal bleed over or possible walking on of your video signal due to close proximity.
  5.  LOS Flying (Line of Sight), please announce that you’re flying LOS only and not transmitting video. LOS Flying is always available.
  6. We use Raceband frequencies at the field.  If you are unable to use this band, please inform the safety officer.

Aircraft Rules

  1. Flying is not permitted over roads, trails, houses or private property.
  2. Maximum flying altitude is 400 feet
  3. For non 2.4 GHz radios, place some form of identification in the appropriate frequency control box channel slot in the Fixed Wing Pit Area, before turning on your transmitter. Only one identification card is permitted in each slot. If another pilot is waiting for your channel, limit your use to 15 minutes. Remove your card when finished flying.
  4. When necessary, the President or Maintenance Officer may close the field for flying while construction, maintenance, or repairs are in progress.
  5. No taxiing is permitted in the pit area. Aircraft with engines running must be restrained by a wing restraint table, a tail hook, your helper, or by your hand.
  6. Only pilots and helpers are allowed in the pit and pilot area.
  7. Inexperienced pilots must be supervised by someone able to maintain control of the aircraft at all times.
  8. No consumption of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or drugs allowed in the pit area or on the flight line.
  9. All pilots must be a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) member. Non-AMA members should contact a club member for a Visitor Badge.
  10. Flying is not permitted over pits, spectator or parking areas. Pilots will not fly in the pits or spectator area in a manner that could endanger spectators or pilots. Runways are to be used only for takeoffs, landings, and touch & goes.
  11. Only one runway is to be used at any given time. All takeoffs and landings will be in the same direction. In the event of a crosswind, the flying majority will govern which is to be the “active” runway. If the wind changes direction during flight, pilots waiting to taxi or takeoff must wait until flying pilots have relocated to the new active runway.
  12. Hand launching of all aircraft will be made from the active runway. Or in front of the flight line.
  13. Right of way rules ranked by priority: Full-scale aircraft (alert other pilots to location of full-scale aircraft), dead-stick landings (announce), normal landings (announce to avoid aircraft traffic problems), takeoffs (announce-request permission from pilots in the air to taxi on to the active runway), and taxiing (use taxiways and inactive runways whenever possible).
  14. You are solely responsible for your property, including condition, maintaining and monitoring.  Lynchburg RC & FPV is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of your property.  As the property owner, you are responsible for damage incurred while in your operation or anyone else’s.
  15. Beyond line of sight is prohibited.  If you violate this rule, you are solely responsible for damage or loss of aircraft.

Being an AMA member also means you will follow AMA rules as documented here.